Fellow campaign leader, now insurance manager

“Alongside securing longstanding success in the University’s sustainability efforts, Michael used his previous role of Environmental and Social Justice Officer to accurately canvas the opinion of the hundreds of student groups to ensure his manifesto for running to be Communtiy Officer was written by students for students. Having been elected by a clear margin, Michael has completed every action on his manifesto whilst pioneering larger student campaigns. From planning the the Notts Student Manifesto and chairing the launch event in front of 2,500 students and local politicians to sitting on local council projects, Michael has worked tirelessly to ensure the 34,000 students are represented in the community. His superior intellect has enabled him to fully engage with the University’s and Union’s legislation, translating it into opportunities for political action for student and also saw him elected to Chair of the Democratic Procedures Committee. Michael makes his intellect come to life with his confident, articuate and assertive communication skills accompanied by a sincere interest in alternative schools of thought.”

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