Former line manager, fellow of the Royal Geography Society

“Mike is one of the most unique individuals I have ever worked with. He is a passionate, incredibly intelligent and committed individual who will do almost anything for a cause he believes in. I worked with Michael on a series of campaigns whilst we were Officers at the University of Nottingham Students’ Union. His commitment to the people he represented on issues ranging from transport to housing was unfaltering, and it is little surprise we chose Mike to lead the Students’ Union’s General Election strategy owing to his passion for change and knowledge of campaigning. There is never a dull moment when working with Michael; he wears his heart on his sleeve in a way that makes sure that action is taken, for the right reasons and with the best interests of stakeholders at the forefront. Mike will always put others before himself which makes him a valuable asset to any team. At times, his passions can boil over but he recognises this as an area for self-reflection and has learnt to channel his enthusiasm into help for others. It was an absolute pleasure to work with someone who is so well-informed, knowledgeable and above all altruistic. I would hire Mike in a heartbeat and encourage you all to do so too.”

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