Jon Davis, CEO of Temple Martial Arts

“During my time at Aston, I was fortunate enough to spend a full 7 years with Abiodun (or ‘Michael’ as he was known in his teens!) in a variety of diverse environments, allowing me to view his myriad of extraordinary qualities at all angles! From lower school form room through to Sixth Form Senior Prefect Meetings, I could not have had the pleasure of engaging with a more colourful, well-spoken and inspiring individual. As well as being a stellar sportsman, representing the school at Athletics, Rugby and Rugby-7s, captaining the school on various occasions and breaking school records on the track, Michael was a leading light in school life away from the hallowed sports field, contributing on a number of fronts. Michael’s renowned ability to never let limitations constrain him, twinned with his admirable drive and determination to always better himself and unselfishly, the school for those around him, meant Abiodun was a pillar of the tight knit Aston society. I experienced the tangible effects of Michael’s enthusiasm around school first hand, and my blossoming interest in Politics can be credited to him. Furthermore, I will never forget the help I received in and around various examination periods, where conversations with Michael often coincided with mass panic subsiding somewhat! A true gentleman, who through an innate desire to do what is best, and to constantly better himself, means that I have complete confidence that Michael will go far and achieve at the very highest level.”

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